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Critics are attempting to make him look like a lunatic

Controversial US rapper Kanye West has stated how he believes that his critics are attempting to tone down his voice and they even attempt to make him appear like a lunatic. Recently, in an interview, the rapper spoke about his ‘rattling the cage’ made some people nervous. He even added that his critics manipulate his words to make him appear bad.

According to reports, in the recent interview he told that people are strategically attempting to do things to dampen his voice in some way or make him appear like he is a lunatic or pinpoint the inaccuracies in his grammar to somehow take away from the overall message of what he is saying.

In the chat, he also told about his car accident in the year 2002 that inspired his breakthrough hit called ‘Through The Wire’. He told that he started to approach time in a different way after the accident. The accident simply gave him the scope to do what he really wanted to do.

He was a music producer, and everyone was telling him that he had no business becoming a rapper, so it gave him the opportunity to tell everyone that he needed some time to recover. This gave his perspective on life. The time was like it was now or a hundred percent never. He believes that people do not make the most of their lives.

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Kanye West ignores critics

Kanye West has a reputation of being indulging in controversies and he has never been afraid to keep his reputation on the line. But, this time, many people think that he has gone far to ‘keep’ his reputation when he ignored his critics and went ahead to sport a jacket with a Confederate Flag on Saturday in Los Angeles. West, born in Georgia, was seen in the dress following his boxing class.

This green colored jacket is piece of a debatable fashion brand he has brought out that he claims is a clear attempt to regenerate Southern Cross from racists. West has blazoned his tour dresses along with the design of the flag, which has been utilized by top extremist groups.
According to reports, speaking about his rationale, he told that people could react how they want. Any energy one got is good energy.

The confederate flag represented slavery in a way and that is his abstract take on what he knows about this. This is why he made the track New slaves. Therefore, he took the flag and made this his flag. He added that this is his flag now.

The flag is there on bags and T-shirts at his brand new Yeezus pop-up shop near fiancée Kim Kardashian’s clothing boutique shop in Los Angeles. The dresses went on sale at temporary shop which is in the Melrose Avenue. Some of the shirts has skeletons drawn in several positions.

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Kanye West hits back

US rapper Kanye West hits out at his girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s former boyfriend Ray J. He called Ray a lame person and at the same time he questioned his manhood during a surprise television performance on Monday.

The Stronger star made an unpredicted appearance on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show to play his brand new track Bound 2 with well known music artist Charlie Wilson. He used his stage time to take a pernicious criticism at Ray J at the top of the track.

However, Kanye stopped short of noting the One Wish star by name. Instead, he namechecked Ray’s sibling R&B star Brandy to clear to his fans who he was citing to. Before unveiling into his very 1st verse on Bound 2, Kanye revealed a brand new couplet – “Brandy’s little sister lame, man, he know it now/When a real brother hold you down you supposed to drown”.

Wilson and Kanye West were backed on the stage by host Jimmy Fallon’s hip-hop group house band The Roots. Later in a Twitter post, drummer Questlove stated that the rapper just called and asked to perform after he landed in New York, where the television program is shot.

Ray J infamously featured in a sex tape with Kim Kardashian that leaked on the internet in the year 2007. Recently, he created a controversy by unveiling the track called I Hit It First. The  track was reportedly about Kim who gave birth to Kanye West’s daughter earlier in June.