Kanye West cleared on his Brit Awards controversy

The controversial Brits performance of US rapper Kanye West will not be probed after more than hundred and fifty people complained regarding his repeated usage of the n-word. Kanye, backed by a great backing cast including someone maneuvering a flame-thrower, performed his single All Day at the event.

Telecast partner ITV muted some sections of the single, performed just after the 9 pm watershed. Still there were hundred and fifty one complaints to Ofcom, the communications watchdog. According to reports, a spokesperson from Ofcom told that they got a series of complaints that Kanye West’s language, just after the watershed, was loathful but they would not be taking the matter ahead for probe.

The statement added that after they carefully assessed all these complaints, they stated that before the program ITV took steps to make sure that offensive language was not employed, and during the program to mute the majority of it.

Meanwhile, Kanye was very busy watching her wife Kim Kardashian at the red carpet of the 2015 Met Gala in New York on Monday. Kim’s racy gown was a huge hit and they couple posed up a storm together at Metropolitan Museum of Art for Chinese Whispers-themed event.

Keeping his eyes truly and well on the prize, Kanye, 37, could not seem to tear his stare away from the reality star’s famous curves as she again worked her magic in front of the cameras in an embellished gown designed by Roberto Cavalli.